15 ways to make your car economical

Increasing prices of fuel in Pakistan is hassle for everyone. Everyone is looking for a way to economize. Hybrid cars have been launched to save fuel and environment. But Hybrid cars have outrageous prices themselves which is another headache. Well you guys don’t have to dust heap your car and buy hybrid car, because we have brought you the 15 ways to make your car economical.

Do you discern that you may be wasting up to 30% more fuel that could have been preserved? We all comprehend the significance of maintenance of the car. But for some causes we can’t pay attention to maintenance of car. Here are some tips to economize your car and utilize every last of the fuel present in your fuel tank.

  • Less pressure in tires maybe wasting your fuel. At least, once a month give checkup to your tires. Less pressure in tires can increase friction up to 5%, contingently it wastes fuel.
  • You may be wasting your fuel at the time you are pouring it in the tank. Make sure the nozzle of the injector remains in your tank even after some seconds of shutdown of Fuel filler. Because there is some fuel in the nozzle for which you have paid.
  • Cruise control can save up to 6% of the fuel. So, when appropriate activate the cruise control.
  • Alternator of the cars maybe working harder than they need to, consuming more fuel. This is caused by the corroded batteries. So, make sure you clean battery terminals often.
  • Don’t let your vehicle idle for more than 1 minute as it will not only save your fuel but environment.
  • If you drive car in dusty area then don’t forget to change air filter more often than mentioned in user manual.
  • Since cars with computer controlled fuel injectors have been introduced, don’t hesitate on giving engine checkup regularly. At the most you may end up changing air filter, fuel filter, oxygen sensors or spark plug.
  • Try to drive car in highest gear possible, it saves the fuel. For example driving car at 60km/h in 3rd gear would consume 25% more fuel than in 5th gear.
  • Try to drive car smoothly and consistently. Don’t apply heavy brakes and too much acceleration as it not only saves your fuel but brakes and tires too.
  • Lighten your car if possible. Remove unnecessary load as engine would have to apply more power to carry more load.
  • Choose good octane for your car. Use high octane if possible it will improve car nocking and improve your engine efficiency for fuel.
  • Revving is the bad practice especially before shutting down the car as it wastes fuels and oil washes down from cylinder walls. When you next time start the car cylinder walls will be dry.
  • Don’t rest your foot on brake pedal as even it is pressed slightly it will cause friction and not only brake shoe will wear out but also it will consume more fuel.
  • Try to avoid rough and dirty roads. Ups and downs along the road removes the energy consistency and wastes your fuel and is harmful for your tires.
  • Chassis and suspension are important parts of the car. Check for their misalignment as they not only create unsafe driving conditions but also contribute to drivetrain drag.

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