5 Most Fuel Efficient Cars in Pakistan

5 most fuel efficient cars in Pakistan

Are you searching for fuel efficient cars in Pakistan? Find top 5 most fuel efficient and economical cars in Pakistan. As the price of fuel is inflating day by day, everyone is looking for way to save fuel. Different companies have introduced hybrid cars to save fuel and environment at the same time. Where car maintenance affects the fuel economy, the right choice of car is identically significant. If you are also in the search of most fuel economical cars in Pakistan then you have to right place. We are going to show you top 5 fuel economical cars of Pakistan.

Top 5 Most Fuel Efficient and Economical Cars in Pakistan :

  • Chevrolet Spark EV

Chevrolet is not common in Pakistan it is rarely seen on the roads that’s why we have placed it on no5 but it has the greatest fuel economy than all the other cars that are mentioned above. It gives up to 48Km/L which is extremely good economy. This car has all modern features in it. It has 130 horse power engine and gives ultimate driving experience.

  • Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius now a days is very well known car in Pakistan, which has taken the first position among all the fuel efficient cars. It can travel up to 26Km/L. It can incredibly achieve 60m/h in 9.8 seconds considering its fuel economy.Overall the car is very comfortable and its driving experience takes you to the next level with great amount of driving aid. However, car is bit expensive.

  • Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda cars are known for their driving experience. Honda Civic is loved in Pakistan and it has relatively good fuel efficiency than other cars out there. It can achieve up to 18Km/L. This car has extremely positive feedback.

  • Honda City

As mentioned earlier that Honda cars are loved in Pakistan, 3rd positioned it also attained by Honda car. After Honda Civic Honda City is considered to be most fuel economical car as it can achieve up to 16Km/L. It has an elegant exterior and can achieve up to 60mph in 10 seconds roughly. Moreover car has very moderate and affordable price.


  • Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

It is very fast speed car which can achieve up to 60 mph in less than 6.2 seconds. It is powered by 333 horse power engine. It can give up to 14Km/L which is very good fuel economy is considering its engine. It’s 5th most fuel efficient and economical car in Pakistan.

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