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Audi Car Price in Pakistan 2018

Audi Car Price in Pakistan
Do you want to know the Audi car price in Pakistan? Visit here to get Audi car specification. Read most recent features of Audi car in Pakistan along with fuel consumption and much more.

Audi is a German based company that manufacturers and designs most luxury vehicles. Its automobiles are popular in all over the world including Europe, Asia, USA, Canada, UK and Europe. Audi cars are considered as one of the most luxurious vehicles in Pakistan. Logo of Audi car is much similar to four rings that are interconnected with each other. According to the stats of year 2015 Audi has approximately 85 thousand employees.

There are total 3 Audi car showrooms in Pakistan. Two of them are located in Karachi and one is Lahore based. Audi is competing with famous car brands like Mercedes and BMW. Audi car series are starting from A3 to A9. There are some other models of this car too. In Pakistan Audi car is imported from other countries like Germany.

Audi Car Specification, Price & Fuel Consumption in Pakistan

Audi is luxurious car with most advance features. In Pakistan price of Audi car is starting from approximately 3 million PKR. Audi has competed in many automobile racing platforms like Motorsports.

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