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Chevrolet Car Prices in Pakistan 2018

Chevrolet Car Prices in Pakistan
Are you looking for Chevrolet prices in Pakistan? Find the latest information regarding latest Chevrolet vehicles, specifications along with mileage and features.
Chevrolet is an American based automobiles manufacturing company with the slogan “find new roads”. Chevrolet manufactures cars, trucks and other commercial automobile vehicles. This company was founded in November, 2011. Chevrolet Joy is the most common model of this car in Pakistan. Now, Chevrolet used cars are available in Pakistan but they have low marker or resale value due to many factors like

  • Expensive spare parts
  • Unavailability of Spare parts
  • Bad marketing strategies of Chevrolet in Pakistan

Chevrolet Vehicles Price, Specification & Fuel Average

Chevrolet car has many advance features like power steering, air bags and central locking. Used Chevrolet cars are available from 0.4 million PKR rupees. Chevrolet cars have many advance features as compared to other car manufacturing companies like Suzuki Pakistan but their cars have very low resale value.

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