Lamborghini Veneno Roadster Price:

Its price is starting from $4.5 million.



lamborghini veneno Roadster price

Lamborghini Veneno Top Speed:

lamborghini veneno top speed

Its top price is up to 221 MPH (355.665 KPH) according to the company.

Lamborghini Veneno Specs, Engine, Horse Power (HP) :

Engine:                                                   V-12

TYPE:                                                     V12, MPI (Multi Point Injection)

DISPLACEMENT:                               6.498cm (396.5 cu in)

BORE X STROKE:                               95 mm * 76.4 mm (3.74 * 3.01 in)

MAX TORQUE:                                     690 Nm (507 lb, – ft) @ 5.500 rpm

BODY:                                                     Exterior in carbon fiber

OPENING ROOF:                               Open roof with a fixed roll-bar system

How much does a Lamborghini Veneno cost?

Cost of Veneno roadster is $4.5 million approax and its maintenance is also very costly.
lamborghini veneno specifications

About Lamborghini Company and Veneno Roadster Car:

Looking for Lamborghini Veneno price? Find price, top speed, horse power and specs of Lamborghini roadster. Are you looking for answer to that question that how much does a Lamborghini Veneno cost? Read this complete article for all details related to this car.

Lamborghini is a famous Italian based car manufacturing company. Its cars are very famous in whole world including many developed countries including USA, UK, Canada and Germany etc. Its model veneno roadster is very famous among rich people, politicians, and businessman. This model is considered as a sports vehicle and is famous due to its specifications and features.


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