Mehran VS Bravo

Suzuki Mehran VS United Bravo

Everyone knows that Suzuki Pakistan is one of the famous automobile manufacturers in Pakistan. Most famous and sold model of Suzuki is Mehran. Competition in every niche is becoming tough day by day. Same is the case with the automobile industry. United motor is going to launch Bravo car soon. This car will give extra tough competition to Suzuki Mehran.

United Bravo has much more advanced features as compared to Suzuki Mehran. For example power windows; power steering, rear camera, digital meter etc. are some essential features of bravo that are not available in Mehran.  Second most important thing is the factor of reasonable price. Suzuki Mehran is available from 0.7 million Pakistani rupees. Expected price of united bravo is 0.65 million PKR with extra features. A common man would obviously prefer bravo over Mehran.

Suzuki motors can compete with some different strategies i.e. they can reduce the price of Mehran or add some extra features in it. If quality of bravo car will be fine than Suzuki is going to serious some tough competition from their competitors.

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