Pros and Cons of Electric Car in Pakistan

Alternatively to combustion engine vehicles, Electric vehicles has been introduced that are so much different than regular engines. But these car are not common in Pakistan and not perfect yet. There are not much electric cars seen in market. However Tesla cars are making continuous progress and will be successful in the future. Like any other thing there are both pros and cons to electric vehicle. Before you make any decision to buy electric car you should consider the following facts.


Cheaper than Petrol Engine Cars

However electricity and petrol are both expensive in Pakistan but during winter season when electricity gets cheaper, electric cars may prove themselves to be most economical cars. Moreover, some people prefer additional charges in their electric bill rather than paying for fuel e.g. the workers of WAPDA who have free electricity units to some extent.

Noiseless Engine

Since electric cars run on batteries they don’t produce noise like ordinary cars which makes it much more comfortable.

Facile Charging

You don’t have to go to filling stations like for ordinary cars. You can simple charge our cars at home which is really convenient. Charging kits for electric cars may be found at online stores.

Environmental Friendly

Electric cars don’t involve burning of fuel and hence there is no air pollution caused due to electric cars. Hence these cars are environment friendly.



In Pakistan, people are not aware of electric cars as these cars are not been brought to Pakistani automobile market yet. People are still stick to Toyota, Honda and Suzuki cars.

Electricity Problem in Pakistan

Electricity has been a major problem in Pakistan for years. Not only the electricity is expensive during some months but also many areas suffer load shedding during several hours which may degrade the purchase of electric cars in Pakistan.

Traveling Range

Unlike the ordinary engine cars, electric cars can only travel up to 150Km until they need to be charges again which may be very inconvenient during long travel situations. But Tesla cars introduced recently can travel up to 550 Km with one charge which has solved this problem but these are expensive to be bought.

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