Questions to ask from a second hand car dealer in Pakistan

Car sale and purchase is an important business in Pakistan. Some people prefer to buy a new car buy majority of people in Pakistan prefer to buy a good and used car due to their low budget. There are many dealers in Pakistan who are selling their vehicles in showrooms. Some of people miss important points that should be asked to the car seller before buying a car. Following are some of important list of questions to ask a second hand car dealer in Pakistan

  • Ask him smartly that why the owner wants to sell his/her car
  • Inquire the car owner about its fuel average
  • Ask for the test drive and analyze the condition of car while driving the car
  • Ask the owner to reduce the price of the car intelligently.
  • Check the vehicle history and the car dealer if first owner of car or not
  • Ask the dealer to show this car to your personal mechanic for general inspection
  • Ask if there is any warranty on this car or not.
  • Has this car ever been in an accident or this car is refurbished?
  • Do you have previous maintenance records for the car you are going to sell?
  • Check the paint on the car is original or showered
  • Inspect the original mileage of car that who much kilometers or miles this car is already driven by the owner.
  • Inquire the owner about special features of cars like A.C, Music players, Alloy rims etc.
If the vehicle qualifies the entire above question that are mentioned above then you are ready to go. You can now purchase the second hand car from a dealer.

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