Tips to Buy Used Cars

Many people in Pakistan can’t spare the price of new cars so they have to meditate on procuring used cars. But buying used cars is not as facile as it appears. One has to take a glance at several aspects to circumvent any artifice. If you are fishing around for things that should be scrutinized before buying used car then you have come to right place. We will unveil tips and tricks that will facilitate you to appraise the car before clinching the deal. Here are some tips and tricks

Do research about used cars

Do rigorous research concerning the used car apropos rudimentary knowledge. Contact your relative or friends, go through auto magazines peruse online reviews in order to make rational and smart choice.

Choose a car and refer to right channel

Pick your car vigilantly in compliance with your budget among extensive range of cars.

Hunt for fuel economical car

Fuel efficiency is paramount feature of car for Pakistanis ascribed to their low incomes. So it is endorsed to buy fuel economical car.

Car with warranty

Pursue for cars with warranty if permitted by your budget. Try to buy from authorized dealers as they often render warranty.

Avoid car with low availability of spare parts

Eschew that models of car which have low availability of spare parts as they may be inexpensive to buy but can be white elephant for the owner due to high maintenance cost.

Prime buys

If any car has roved below 50,000Km is good to buy. Any car which has travelled above 50,000Km can be perilous purchase.

Time of buying

There are time frames when used cars are vended for low price as authorized dealers have target to hurtle the sales so they sale for low price during last days of March, June, September, December.

Exterior Inspection

Always scrutinize for accident damages, corrosions, scratches and rusts on the body of car. Make sure there are no re-paints.

Interior Inspection

Rigorously investigate the dashboard, speaker system, seat covers and other features that are available. In case of power windows and power mirrors check how well they manoeuvre.
Check if headlights, taillights, high beam and sunroof windows are working well.
Inspect the engine thoroughly to check its age and condition.

Verification of documents

After all above mentioned things are done and deal is going to be clinched don’t forget to check the documentation as is it chief factor for purchase of car. Verify chassis number, engine number, registration number. Demand for original computerized number plates from seller. Counter check with police that car is not wanted in any suspicious activity.

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