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If you are searching for car prices in Pakistan than you are at right place. Here you can find the updated list of all the cars prices in Pakistan. A basic definition of car is that it is a four wheel motor vehicle, can run primarily on the roads for the purpose of transportation. Car is one of the most important invention of human being for the purpose of travelling. At beginning purpose of them was just to travel from one point to another. With the passage of time cars have been modified for many other purposes including racing, for travelling of goods from one place and another and much more.

People of Pakistan are addicted to cars and love to see the car prices in Pakistan frequently. Find updated car prices in Pakistan 2018. Latest Pakistani car models with prices and specifications. Get recent price list of all Pakistani car brands.

According to history cars were frequently used during the 20th century and before this time the use of car was not so common. An America company named as Ford first launched its car in 1908 that was available for the people.

In Pakistan Suzuki, Toyota and Honda are the most common manufacturers of different cars. Every company wants to launch a model that the people of Pakistan can attract. Companies are focusing on the comfort, style and most important of them is fuel efficiency. Companies want to launch cars in Pakistan with best fuel efficiency i.e. a car that can give over 20 km/l with style and drive comfort. Similarly companies are trying to launch their vehicles at cheap price but unfortunately their prices are increasing day by day due to heavy income tax and vehicle registration fee imposed by the government. So, car prices in Pakistan are increasing day by day.

We have created this website truly for the purpose of helping people so that they can check and compare different car prices in Pakistan. You can easily view and compare all cars prices in Pakistan including their specification, fuel averages and reviews both positive and negative. Our team is working 24/7 for the people so that they can see all the vehicle prices online. We update the prices regularly for our users. Now you don’t need to rush to the market to check car prices in Pakistan because we have collected all the desired data for you at one place.

From last 3 to 4 years imported cars in Pakistan are increasing day by day especially Japanese automobiles are increasing with every day. Japanese auto mobiles provide a very good fuel average along with comfort, style and reliability so people of Pakistan prefers to buy Japanese cars. Moreover motor mechanics also recommend Japanese made cars so they are much in demand nowadays.


Despite of the fact that prices of vehicles are increasing in Pakistan with every rinsing day the number of cars in Pakistan are also increasing due to following reasons:

  • People and dealers are importing multiple vehicles from other companies like Japan and China. Japanese made cars are mostly preferred by the people of all the countries due to their long term reliability.
  • Banks are also financing the vehicles on very easy conditions so people do not hesitate to buy them at financing or leasing. You can get your desired vehicle in easy installments plan of 7 years. Moreover the amount of interest on the vehicles is extremely low so people are taking full advantage of it.
  • Pakistani Traveling companies like Uber, Kareem and Al-Bayrak are adding new models of vehicles.

Due to increased demand of vehicles, car prices in Pakistan are also increasing day by day. There is very less choice of cars that is below the price of 1 million Pakistani Rupees. Suzuki Mehran is the only zero meter car that you can buy if your budget is up to 0.8 Million Pakistani rupees.

Updated Price List of Pakistani and Imported Cars

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